Professional Services

Professional Services


People come to therapy for a variety of reasons, whether for support or symptom relief, a life transition or a relationship problem, poor self-esteem, grief, feeling stuck, or perhaps simply a desire to know oneself better.

Whatever your reason, I believe in creating a safe and non-judgmental environment where thoughts, feelings, and actions can be explored in a therapeutic relationship built on trust and collaboration.

Most people benefit from one to two weekly 45 minute psychotherapy sessions. There is no one-size-fits-all. I draw upon years of experience in many modalities including psychodynamic, cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy, problem-solving and crisis intervention, and can tailor a treatment that meets your needs.

For those seeking a more intensive approach, I offer psychoanalytic treatment. Despite its reputation, psychoanalysis is alive and well, and is still considered the gold-standard for long-lasting change and a comprehensive understanding of the self, taking into account factors outside of our awareness that may be interfering with our life.

After a brief phone consultation, we will meet and discuss what is right for you.


Couples often seek treatment when they need help with communication, when there has been a breach of trust, when partners are unsure if they are compatible, or even when looking to break up amicably. I take a similar approach to couples as I do with individuals–that is, looking for conscious and unconscious patterns that may be getting in the way of one’s relationship. I take a more active approach when working with couples, while being careful to remain neutral. Depending on the goals of the couple, we can meet for a short-term, goal-oriented treatment, or for a longer, more open-ended therapy. Couples sessions are 60 minutes long.


I am on the faculty at two psychoanalytic institutes, the Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis and the Institute for Expressive Analysis. At MIP, I teach a course on ethics in psychoanalysis to candidates working towards Licensure in Psychoanalysis and a course on dreams from Freud to the present day. At IEA, I teach an introductory course on psychoanalysis.


I currently provide individual supervision to clinicians and analytic candidates, and run a group for early-career psychotherapists. I have supervised MSW interns, and offer supervision to social workers seeking licensure. In addition to supervising, I participate in several peer-led supervision and reading groups.